Stage 1

90.8′ x 67.5′ (6,129 ft²) with 18.75′ grid height

Not all stages are created equal. Vista’s most massive stage, Stage 1, delivers unparalleled integration with comfortable surroundings to keep your crew and talent happy. Stage 1 is ideal for live productions, and it is audience rated to hold up to 178 people.

The pre-hung pipe grid means the stage is always ready for your show, and intelligent service panels seamlessly connect stage resources to the fully integrated production control rooms. Located at ground level with drive-in elephant doors means an easy load-in for your crew.

  • STAGE SIZE:90.8' x 67.5' (6,129 ft²) with 18.75' grid height
  • EASY ACCESS:Drive-in elephant doors and loading dock
  • CONTROL ROOMS:Can tie into any of the four Vista Studios control rooms
  • CONNECTIVITY:10 SMPTE cables, 3 service panels with a total of 16 SDI ties, 16 SM and 16 MM fiber ties, plus REF, PGM and prompter ties. 12 Dante ties, comms, LTC and GPIO ties.
  • POWER:1,500A single-phase AC power, 300A can be on generator backup
  • HVAC:30 tons of STC-rated
  • GRIDS:Hybrid Grid: 8' x 8' around perimeter, 4' x 8' in the middle
  • SERVICES:Gas, water, and drainage – perfect for cooking shows.
  • AREAS: Video control station, audio village, dimmer enclosure
  • AVAILABLE:Scissor lift, man lift, fork lift, camera pedestals, jib, wireless comms.
Vista Studios Stage 1 Balcony View
Vista Studios Stage Doors
Vista Studios Stage 1 Grid
Stage 1 Floor Plan
CAD Drawing Vista Stage 1
As the guy who is always running from room to room like a chicken with my head cut off, I can attest that the layout of this place makes sense. I've gotten lost in some other stages before, and when I'm having to pop in and check on other departments, this flow really works.

– David Tobin, supervising producer, Make Up or Break Up

Vista Studios - Make Up or Break Up
Vista Studios Stage 1 Staircase