Provide your entire team with the media access they need for remote video editing and production. Supporting Avid NEXIS, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro media workflows.


Using your media servers in our data center or servers provided by Vista Studios, we’ll ensure ultra-secure, high-bandwidth connections to all of your remote team members.


From easy-to-use media asset management software to keep your media organized to automatic proxy file generation, we’ll keep your work flowing.

It's no secret that remote production workflows are here to stay.

We live in a world where on-location production may occur halfway around the globe, and post-production teams are working from home and collaborating across multiple locations.

How do you provide your teams the media access they need?

Hand-deliver hard drives to each team member?

Trust your content to co-mingle in a public cloud service that hackers love to target?

Don't trust your valuable content to the Cloud.
Give it a private island in Playa Vista, California.
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Introducing PRIVADO
from Vista Studios.

A private media island inside the climate-controlled data center of LA’s premier production facility. Your PRIVADO service can use your hardware or servers provided by Vista Studios.

Vista Studio’s unparalleled connectivity options allow PRIVADO clients to use only the bandwidth they need to enable remote workflows. Connectivity rates are burstable to support instances where clients need more bandwidth for short periods.

PRIVADO affords you several key advantages.

PRIVADO comes with no fees for ingress or the more costly egress charges that many cloud offerings require.


Power Distribution Units are IP-specific. PRIVADO customers can power cycle their own gear remotely, and your hardware and content remain entirely under your control.


POV cameras show your servers in operation 24/7.

Backup Generator

Power failures can strike suddenly without a care for your production plans. Vista Studios is equipped with a backup generator for those times when lightning strikes, downed power lines, overloaded grids, and rolling blackouts stop the electricity from flowing.

ISO-Base Earthquake Mounts

Your server will be installed in racks outfitted with ISO-Base earthquake mounts inside the PRIVADO data center. So, your equipment and valuable content will survive anything the environment throws your way.

ATS and UPS for Seamless Power Transfers

Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) and Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) are in place to automatically and seamlessly transfer the PRIVADO data center to the backup generator in voltage loss or power outage situations. Ensuring power to your valuable content 24/7, regardless of the conditions.

Experienced Team of Engineers

In instances where human intervention is required, Vista Studios’ entire team of IT and Engineering specialists have spent their whole careers in the Media and Entertainment industry. This means no additional headcount for you, but you also gain access to industry specialists who understand remote video workflows, transcoding, connectivity, and the importance of a secure and stable media flow.

Highly Secure

Vista Studios is a locked-down campus with over 20 security cameras canvasing the facility.

How PRIVADO Compares to Leading Cloud Providers
  • Remote Access
  • Scalable Bandwidth (Burstable)
  • Software-Based Security
  • Private Island Storage
  • Transcoding
  • NO Ingress/Egress Fees
  • File Delivery (Aspera) Transport Available
  • POV Security Camera for Eyes on Your Assets
  • Client Can Have Physical Control of Media
  • On-Site Visitation Rights
  • Team of Trained IT Techs and Engineers On-Call
  • Remote Access to Power Cycle Gear
  • Equipment Racks on ISO-Base Earthquake Mounts
  • All Systems Backed by ATS/UPS/Generator
  • Hardware Can Be Provided by Client or Supplied by Vista Studios
  • Remote Access
  • Scalable Bandwidth (Burstable)
  • Software-Based Security
  • Shared Storage
  • Transcoding
  • Costly Ingress/Egress Fees
  • File Delivery (Aspera) Transport Available
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