Facebook Watch: Confetti

3 Broadcasts Daily on Facebook +   Multiple Languages  +   Interactive Game Show

Confetti is an interactive game show streamed live on Facebook with friends for a chance to win money. Each game consists of a set of trivia questions, and players who answer every question right get to split a cash prize.

Facebook rolled out Confetti as part of a major push to “game-ify” content. In particular, the platform emphasized gameplay with friends, in a bid to grow the community aspect of Watch. The show was geo-targeted to the United States, Mexico, and Canada before rolling out to additional countries. 

Matthew Henick, global head of content planning and strategy, told TBI that Confetti was a “really important test for us to figure out how to build interactive environments for video.” 

Confetti took up residence on stage 4 at Vista Studios. The show was produced three times daily, in multiple languages as a 1080p, multi-camera production. Vista delivered the 9:16 aspect ratio video over IP for downstream insertion of quiz questions by Facebook and integration into their Facebook Watch distribution platform.

Henick went on to say: “We learned a tremendous amount [from Confetti], and that translated into us being able to roll out a polling product that any of our partners is able to use and put into their videos and make them interactive so [we’re] very happy with what we got from it so far.”

  • CLIENT:Facebook
  • FORMAT:Live Streaming on Facebook Watch
  • VISTA SERVICES:Stage 4 production, IP delivery for downstream question insertion
  • DATE:July 2018 – October 2019