Now more than ever, you can trust Vista Studios to


Stay-at-home orders are impacting the production industry. But they're also fueling innovation.

As the saying goes, “the show must go on,” and it can with the right production partner. In the past, it was nearly impossible for production teams to continue working if they couldn’t assemble. Now, with the help of Vista Studios, you can continue to practice social distancing, and produce high-quality productions that meet the expectations of millions of home viewers.

Be Safe, But Don't Settle For Poor Quality.

As production teams adapt to our temporary reality, they’re turning to any “solution” they can find. Tools like FaceTime, Skype, WebEx, and Zoom are great for production meetings. Still, they don’t deliver high-quality footage that viewers demand, or enable features like intercoms that keep productions in sync.

Vista Studios can support a wide variety of live production work, including broadcast quality, at-home streaming productions. In fact, Vista Studios specializes in live productions and can deliver mission-critical productions, even during a global pandemic.

Mission-Critical Tools to Produce Content Anywhere

To enhance our offerings, we partnered with CP Communications, Unity Intercom, and other partners to create the Vista Studios Network Operations Center. It features modern mobile systems that enable a full production model for separated teams over 3G, 4G, and WiFi networks. 


An advanced technology that allows field broadcasters to send full-resolution video back to the production studio as another video source in a live broadcast.


Remote backpacks leverage multiple 4G cellular modems with several different mobile carriers, which allows for redundancy and signal strength.


A seamless IFB communications link over WiFi or cellular. Teams can talk and listen on group channels, or have private conversations with individuals.

Bonded Cellular Delivers In Remote Production

Bonded cellular is a modern technology that enables field broadcasters to send full-resolution video back to a production studio as another video source in a live broadcast. The remote backpacks leverage multiple 4G cellular modems with several different mobile carriers, for redundancy and signal strength, to send the video transmission back to the production studio. This solution has a tiny footprint and is mobilized very quickly. It also eliminates the need to spend a fortune on production vehicles, satellite uplinks, shipping, and travel expenses. When compared to a satellite uplink, which notoriously has a long delay time for signal propagation, the bonded cellular solution has a delay time of only 1 second.

Once back in the production control room at Vista, existing routing, switching, graphics, and replay systems were used to create a full production, just as if they were handled in a production truck at the venue but at a fraction of the cost.

Total Command Over All Of Your Sources

The Vista Studios Network Operations Center handles the transmission, streaming, ingest, and transcode for all signals coming in and out of the facility. Whether you’re shooting on one of our stages or combining cell phone streams from your talent’s living room, your signals can be switched, routed, and seamlessly broadcast in any format–in real-time. Even if you have less than ideal shooting conditions, using Vista Studios as the hub of your production provides flexibility and peace of mind.

  • ATS/UPS/generator to support mission-critical live productions
  • Transmission: fiber-based inbound/outbound with diversity for fully-protected signal transport
  • Streaming: IP-based inbound/outbound for TVE, SVOD, OTT, and/or VOD
  • Post-production: custom edit workstations, shared storage, ingest, transcode, live ingest directly to edit timeline
  • Telecom/IT: full-service IT department on site
Complete Production Intercom on Devices You Already Own

To complement our at-home remote systems, we’ve partnered with Unity Intercom to enable an IFB communications link that connects over WiFi or cellular. Crew members install the Intercom app on their iOS or Android device and are connected together via the Vista Studios communications servers. Remote intercom allows teams to talk and listen on independent PL (party line) channels, or have private conversations with individual team members.

Explore Remote Production Case Studies

We have optimized and proven our remote production tools and techniques on shows like PBS Nature: American Spring Live and live cooking shows on Discovery Networks: Food Network Kitchen. The links below tell the stories of how these productions came to life–remotely–with Vista Studios.

Be safe, but don't settle
Together, we can create great content while keeping talent and crews safe.

While social distancing creates numerous challenges for the production industry, it also presents opportunities to try new things. As teams navigate these challenges, we welcome the opportunity to leverage our systems and vast experience to help make any production safe, seamless, and high-quality.